I Didn’t Get Around to Sending Christmas Cards…..

To everyone that manages to find time to take family pictures, I salute you. To all of you that find the time to take those pictures, turn them into Christmas cards and actually mail them out, you get a gold star.

I did not send out Christmas cards this year.

I’m wondering how many people will be taking the Derricks of King County off their Christmas card list next year because of this year’s faux pas. I’m sorry, I really did want to send out cards.

Things just got really busy. My husband has been working ten-plus hours a day and weekends for quite a while now; I was painting illustrations like a mad woman (surprisingly not good for artistic inspiration) for a few weeks to meet an insanely short deadline for a book; and finally, sometimes I just wanted to watch Duck Dynasty in my brief minutes of free time. Christmas cards were just not priority one…..or fourteen.

Plus, my husband and I have this bad habit of forgetting to document the highlights of our life with pictures. Consequently, other than a plethora of random images taken with our phones for our own amusement, we don’t have much photographic proof of a life.

But it has been a wonderful year. New house, another nephew, more friends made, unexpected adventures and just a good time being a family. So instead of sending out cards, I have a few pictures that I think spread cheer as well as any red and green greeting card:

1. This picture is a miracle – all are smiling with eyes open and no meltdowns or skulking. If I were on top of things, this would have been our Christmas card.

Our only real, professional family picture this year.

Our only real, professional family picture this year.

2. My son, the budding artist, is a pick-and-choose “realist”. The color of the horse is apparently a non-issue. He did insist, however, they must be anatomically correct, hence the dangling parts in the middle of each stallion.

The horse stencils that Judah named and embellished.

The horse stencils that Judah named and embellished.

3. This costume drooped and wilted no matter how many tucks and folds I pinned. But even a sagging cape that dragged like a lazy tail didn’t diminish any of my boy’s belief that he was every bit as stealthy as the real batman.

soggy batman

4. My nephew’s sausage legs – I’m pretty sure they don’t bend. At 5 months and 22 pounds, he’s like lugging around a small man.

My 4-year-old's long leg and my nephew's glorious thighs.

My 4-year-old’s long leg and my nephew’s glorious thighs.

5. This just makes me laugh. I found this in a nursery that shall remain nameless: a toy that counts Mexicans. A simple case of mislabeling, I’m sure, but it’s comical to think that after junior learns his colors and shapes, he gets cracking on Mexican-counting.

Mexican toy

6. This is an illustration from Angela’s new book that I wrote about in my last blog post. This painting reminds me of the importance of saying “yes” to adventure. I had no artistic goals this year, let alone illustrating a book, but I said “yes” and don’t regret for a second.

stable pic

This wraps up my “Christmas card” for 2012. I hope you all enjoy a beautiful Christmas and wish you peace, love and a little adventure in the coming new year.

Merry Christmas!

Angie D 12/24/2012 (c)


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