A Few of My Favorite Things

I’m not sure how much this list says about me, but these are definitely things I love:

1. Music – all kinds. My father loved disco, my mother listened to folk, and I went to the opera regularly with my grandparents, so thanks to my diverse musical upbringing, I have a pretty wide range of taste in music.

2. Books – I love to read. I DEVOUR books. I especially enjoy reading about history. 

3. Cheese – pretty much any kind. The stinkier, the better, and with red grapes and crusty bread.

4. Honeycrisp apples – if you’ve had them, then you know.

5. Warm socks – I am a typical woman, my feet are always cold.

6.  Que Bueno – it’s the cheap nacho cheese sauce you can buy in a ten pound can at Costco and I think the same stuff they serve at gas station mini marts. I know it’s not “real” cheese so I couldn’t include it with number three.

7. Excel – Anything that can be entered and sorted into tidy little cells will end up on an Excel spreadsheet.

8. Coffee – I need it to function properly. I’m pretty sure that after I drink my first cup in the morning, I’m not only awake, I can see and hear better.

9. My son’s stick straight hair – he’s got what my family would call “burro” hair. It doesn’t lay in silky strands, it erupts from his head like spikes. It makes me laugh that his hair is as ornery as he is.

10. My mother’s Spanish pronunciations – English is her first language but anything that looks remotely like a Spanish word will get the “treatment”. She once pronounced “Jam USA” as “Hamusa”. She’s nuts, I love it.

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  • I believe in Jesus, loving people, living fully and creating good things. Whether it's art, food or finding solutions, I am always in "creative mode". With this blog I hope to encourage and help others to live in whatever "mode" God has called them to.

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